Welcome to Experience Haus

There’s a need for affordable education. For spaces dedicated to self-improvement. For a circle of welcoming people in an industry built upon hushed-up secrets and competition. We don’t see design as something to hide, but something to share.

Our cost of living is high, so it’s important to have a low cost of education. We offer part-time courses (pairing students with start-ups), hands-on workshops, and events that are affordable and accessible to everyone.

We host courses, workshops and events for the curious

Experience Haus offers practitioner led training covering an abundance of different digital expertise. We seek to provide valuable cost-effective education to cater for those wanting to learn more at an affordable price in this expensive climate. 

Our wealth of creative workshops and courses aims to connect professionals with practitioners in the industry culminating our philosophy: learn by doing. The company’s offering of events, part-time courses and hands-on workshops intends to bridge the gap between economical and accessible learning.

Classes and workshops are held in our studio in the Old Street area of London.