A Conversation about Design.


Following the success of the past three Experience Haus conferences, our fourth edition took place on Friday November 30th. 

Thank you to our speakers, the team behind the scenes and all of our guests.



Speaker slidedecks and contact information

Jill Quick, Digital Marketing Consultant and Trainer, Co-founder, The Coloring In Department - LinkedIn and Slidedeck

Duncan Evans, Head of Digital, Crossrail 2 - LinkedIn

Paul Smith, Founder, Sun Street - LinkedIn and Slidedeck

Anant Sharma, CEO, Matter Of Form - LinkedIn

Richard Holden, Deputy Head of Product, The Economist - LinkedIn

Jordan Davies, Lead Designer, - Digital and Innovation, Synechron - LinkedIn

Tim Smith, Global Auto & Mobility Director, ustwo - LinkedIn and Slidedeck

Tim Gifford, Co-Founder, ELTJam - LinkedIn and Slidedeck

Steve Kato-Spyrou, UX Manager, John Lewis - LinkedIn

Dr Shama Rahman, CEO/Founder, NeuroCreate - LinkedIn and Slidedeck

Our next event will take place on Saturday March 9th.

You do not want to miss out on what will be an exciting and inspiring day. Early bird tickets will be on sale in mid-December.

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